Keren has over 40yrs experience in the manufacturing electronics industry which includes

Aerospace, 5S, Lean and Business Program Redesign (BPR)

Keren’s hands-on experiences are:

Cable Forming, Wiring Assemblies and Chassis, Prototype Wiring, PTH and SMT PCB Soldering and Assembly, Rework and Repair.
10yrs shop floor Stores, Production and Inspection.
11yrs as an IPC training officer at General Dynamics UK Ltd

Trainee Comments from Course Evaluation Sheets

“Trainer made it all understandable and interesting.”
“Even though I have been doing this kind of work for many years this was still a good learning curve.”
“The practical PCB puts it all into context, having a definate achievable framework to aim for with processes.”
“Excellent course.”
“Very clean & simple to follow.”
“Giving a good insight into what is expected from a profesional company.” –
“Excellent course throughout.”
“Personable, informative & very practical.”
“Very informative & helpful on skills & techniques of soldering.”
“Learned a lot. The hospilatity of the trainer and the relief of tension/nerves that people have when starting a course.”
“A good course very well presented.”
“Gives a good understanding of all classes of acceptable workmanship, good training activity.”
“Lots of experience learnt for soldering specifically using the right tools”
“The instructor met & exceeded requirements.”
“Strength, the more personlised training, good training teacher.”
“Hands on experience & back up theory.”