What Makes KB Different?



Training staff has proven benefits for employers increasing motivation, effectiveness and productivity

Keren Brunton formed KB Soldering Technology Ltd in 2009 following many years of practical experience in the electronics trade, including the Aerospace and Defence Industries. Keren was a Training Officer at General Dynamics UK Ltd for eleven years. Now providing hand soldering skills, ESD training and wiring training to clients. Through KB Soldering Technology Keren offers comprehensive manufacturing training services to businesses.

KB trains clients on their premises to reduce operator/technician downtime and subsistence costs. Delivering a comprehensive theoretical and practical electronic manufacturing training program, tailored to suit the client’s requirements. Flexible training times, at your own premises and tailored to suit your own specific needs, combined with a professional service and excellent value for money. It has to be worth the phone call !   Contact us

Contact & Booking

Contacting KB is really easy just pick up the phone or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can and have a discussion about your requirements. Talk costs nothing.Booking is just as easy. If you know what you want then it is as simple as a phone call or an email to make a date and time.

If you are not sure then we apply the same principle as above, we will have a discussion about your training needs or other requirements, organise relevant dates and/or times and take it from there.